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First Choice Canine was founded in November of 2010 by Khaled Behisy. Prior to the development  and official opening of First Choice Canine, Khaled spent 12 years working for a company that trained and sold personal protection dogs to a variety of clientele all over the world. He was able to work with trainers from the U.S and Europe as well as clients in a variety of places. During his time managing the training there, Khaled developed and refined advanced training techniques, and learned how to share his knowledge with customers so they can get the most out of their dogs’ training.

Khaled believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the same degree of control and freedom that those who had purchased protection dogs have. Khaled created First Choice Canine to offer training to every dog regardless of its size, breed, age or personality. Khaled understands that no two dogs are the same, and therefore no two dogs should be trained exactly the same way. In order to achieve the highest level of results, each dog needs its own custom tailored training program, using what works best for the dog and the owner.

First Choice Canine offers a variety of training options in a variety of settings. From Puppy Basics, which includes all the puppy steps from house training to socialization, to our SuperDog Program that transforms your dog into a well-behaved, obedient, SuperDog, we’re sure we have something to fit your training needs.

Owner Khaled Behisy (right) with his family outside of the training center.