We Take the Time to Get to Know You & Your Pup First!

First Choice Canine takes the time to understand each dog’s personality and choose the best approach to training. We take training seriously while keeping it fun for your dog.

What can you expect from one of the best dog trainers in New Hampshire?

We believe that off-leash obedience training for your dog is the best way to enjoy your best friend. This program means no standing helpless while he runs toward a road, or watching her with fear around children. Knowing how to train a dog for off-leash walks takes years of experience and we have it.

No matter what type of training you need from us, we start by getting to know your dog and preparing our training accordingly. Every dog is different, which is why we offer custom tailored training to suit each dog.

  • We explore your dog’s personality and then understand how he or she interacts with various surroundings and environments.
  • We observe how your dog associates with people and animals, so we can begin to break down behaviors — the key to modifying or solving any behavior issues.
  • Your dog will go through a series of advanced training exercises with us, in various environments that he or she will face everyday at home.

Then it’s your turn.

We teach you to understand and maintain your dog’s training so it’s easy to maintain long after the training is over. If you’re looking for an excellent dog trainer in Southern New Hampshire or Massachusetts, explore our training programs and take advantage of a training consultation. Fill out our questionnaire to schedule an appointment or contact us directly.