Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Baxter came to us as a hyperactive young Golden Retriever from Braintree, MA to address his pulling, jumping, mouthing, chewing, and drinking from the toilet. Baxter completed our behavioral modification program in a board and train setting. Baxter has learned to greet people politely, walk on and off leash, obey his owners commands, and leave his goofy puppy antics in the past.


Tashi was rescued from the meat trade in China. Her rough start in life paired with the characteristics of the Tibetan Mastiff breed meant that Tashi would growl, lunge and snarl at people she did not know. Tashi’s owner wanted to her to have a better life and learn that she can trust people and enjoy accompanying her owner outside the home. Through our aggressive dog rehabilitation program Tashi became more tolerant of people and learned to trust others.


Turbo the Doberman began his training with us barking and jumping all over people as they passed. He disliked other dogs, and would bolt through doors and grab kids toys. After training with us Turbo has learned to control himself, and greet people without jumping or barking at the as they pass by. He also learned to become more tolerant of other dogs.


Scout is a Bernedoodle from Boxford, MA that began her training with us at 6 months of age to complete our Super Dog Program. Through training with us Scout learned to be a well behaved puppy and enjoy the freedom of being off leash. This video features her working with a 7 year old handler to show how easy to handle she was after training.


Baileys owner brought her to us for help getting her to be less aggressive and reactive, towards other dogs. After our behavioral training program Bailey can now enjoy going on on walks, and other places where there are dogs.


Waya is a Belgian Malinois who has trained with us with her owner since she was a puppy. Through consistent training Waya has mastered the art of off leash obedience and some fun tricks too!

Mac Bernie Nash Thor

This video features four of our clients with their dogs demonstrating their level of functionality after completing our off-leash dog training program in New Hampshire.

Sid and Calvin

Sid, a Cane Corso, and Calvin, a Cockapoo, showing off their obedience at Lake Winnepseaukke in Meredith, NH. Calvin and Sid completed our on and off leash program last year.