Meet Jax, a super bright and friendly Norwich Terrier from Dover, MA. His owner, Mariah, enrolled him in our dog training classes with a few important goals in mind. She wanted a dog who could follow her everywhere, who could be trusted around other dogs, and who would have rock solid off-leash obedience training and stays—even though Terriers have a bad reputation for that.

When we consulted with Mariah, we made sure she understood that we don’t shy away from working with any dog breeds. To us, breed, age, sex, and personality matter much less than the commitment of a dog’s owner. You could take the easiest breed of dog to train and begin training him or her as a puppy, you still won’t get results if you’re not serious about understanding the training principles needed.

Mariah was devoted to training: to making it happen, she drove from Dover, MA every week for dog training classes with First Choice Canine. Jax wasn’t the only student, however; Mariah was eager to learn the best ways to handle Jax and maintain his training at home.

We have clients from areas like Newton, Sudbury and Dover coming to the dog training classes we offer near Haverhill, MA and Plaistow, NH.

In the video below, you can see a dog from the Boston area we trained in off-leash obedience: Dundi. Dundi’s family wanted the ability to take their dog off leash in Boston Common, around distractions like cars, people and other dogs.

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