Say goodbye to the snow, Dexter! This gorgeous Falmouth, MA pit bull received our off-leash obedience training this winter and is ready to hit a grassy dog park.

With spring here and summer on its way, dog owners are ready to leave their homes and leashes behind and enjoy some quality training time in the sun. We were recently turned on to Falmouth Dog Park, which is an ideal off-leash obedience training ground for MA residents in the Cape Cod/Plymouth, MA area.

Anybody within driving distance of Falmouth, MA can practice their dog training for free—all day long.
Falmouth Dog Park is open each day froFm dusk until dawn. There’s no charge to get in, but you still enjoy the benefits of a clean, safe environment with ample parking and handicap accessibility.

Taking dogs off-leash is allowed.
Keep in mind here that “allowed” is not a synonym for “always a good idea.” There’s certainly no better way to keep up with a dog’s off-leash obedience training than some “distraction-proofing” at a place like Falmouth Dog Park, but please make sure your dog is up to the task first. If you aren’t sure that your dog will not be reactive or that you can immediately recall him/her, contact our trainers.

The park has a lot going on.
Falmouth Dog Park’s volunteer coordinators put on fun activities like the annual “Doggie Bowl Bowling Tournament,” “Sunset Paws Cruise”, and more. You can see their schedule of events here. The park also boasts art installations, live music, the occasional refreshment stand, picnic tables, and most importantly, plenty of play areas for your pup.

Check out Falmouth Dog Park’s website for more info, and be sure to contact us today if you’d like some help getting your dog ready for the task!