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What sets First Choice Canine apart from any other dog trainer in Boston, Northern MA, or Souther NH?
First Choice Canine takes the time to understand each dog’s personality and choose the best approach to training. We take training seriously while keeping it fun for your dog.

Training a dog consists of two parts: Teaching the dog the commands and addressing any behaviors, and then teaching the owner to understand their dog and how to maintain the training.

Training isn’t just about the dog; it’s about the owner too. Any trainer can train a dog to sit or stay, but making sure your dog responds to you is something entirely different; and this is what is most important— it’s your dog! We pride ourselves on the way we interact with our clients both during and after the training.

We’ll help you every step of the way during your dog’s training, and strive to make sure you’re happy long after the training has been completed. Enrolling in our of our off-leash training programs or other behavior programs will take you and your dog to a level beyond your expectations.

Explore our Boston-area dog training programs, behavior modification programs and aggressive dog rehabilitation programs for more information.

I love my dog's personality and I don't want to change it. Will training or fixing her behavioral problems affect her personality?
Dog training should not change your dog’s personality. In fact, good training enhances your dog’s personality because your dog will know how to please you. Having a dog that understands your expectations will allow you to have a stronger bond. You’ll enjoy your time together more. The advantages of our training are positive for both you and your dog.
At what age can my dog be trained?
Dogs can be trained from ages eight weeks and up. The sooner you have your dog trained, the better. The best way to avoid problems is to start training from the time you get your dog. It’s a way of starting your dog off on the right foot, and you’re preventing your dog from forming bad habits.

Training should start with the basics and nothing complex, like showing your dog boundaries. Teaching a dog what is acceptable behavior and what is not, as well as socialization and house breaking, are all important pieces of training that pet parents sometimes overlook. Real training goes far beyond commands like “sit” and “stay.”

Because older dogs may have already learned bad habits, training them can be harder in the sense that it may take more work and time because those habits have to be fixed. But it’s not at all impossible. First Choice Canine not only teaches dogs new commands, we fix bad habits and behaviors too.

Are some dogs smarter than other dogs? Are there dogs that are impossible to train?
Some dogs may be easier to train than others, but there are no dogs that are impossible to train. Finding what motivates a dog is important. Some dogs are more motivated than others, and some are motivated by more than one thing, while others are hard to please. Some dogs love treats, some toys, and others love verbal praise. Finding what motivates a particular dog is key to the foundations of training success. Some dogs will take more time than others to learn, and some may do it quicker than another, but all dogs are capable of being trained. Let’s meet your dog and see what’s possible.
My dog is aggressive and it was recommended that I have him neutered to fix the problem. Should I do it?
Neutering your dog will not solve an aggression problem. Neutering your dog should only be done to prevent him from reproducing, or for a medical purpose; not to change his behavior. This is a common suggestion among veterinarians and animal behaviorists, but the reality is that while neutering a dog may decrease his hormone levels, this alone isn’t enough to change his behavior.

Check out our aggressive dog rehabilitation section to read more about reducing or eliminating aggression problems.

I need a dog trainer in Boston, but my brother needs a dog trainer in southern New Hampshire. Can you help both of us?
Yes, our services are available in many areas of New England. This includes dog training in Boston, the North Shore and several areas of southern NH. We also work with dogs who live farther away. Contact us if you’re interested.
I've had my dog trained before, and it didn't help. Why would I try again?

The majority of our clientele have trained elsewhere prior to coming to First Choice Canine. Successful training has two parts; effective training techniques and ensuring the owner continues to implement the training .

Do You Guarantee Your Training?

Guaranteeing the outcome of training would be unethical; there are too many variables in dog training to guarantee an outcome. There are simply too many factors outside of our control, such as the owners reinforcement of training once our formal training with the Dog is complete. As live animals, Dog’s behaviors can change over time and new and undesirable behaviors can result. We can however, guarantee great customer service and support even after completing one of our programs.