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No matter what type of training you need, we start by getting to know you and your dog and preparing our training plan. Every dog is different, which is why we offer custom tailored training to suit each dog.

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When it comes to New England dog trainers around New Hampshire and Massachusetts, you can count on First Choice Canine to provide the most reliable, fast, and effective dog training available anywhere.

Our expert trainers will customize your training based on your dog’s size, breed, age, behavior and personality. You can expect a positive experience for you and your dog. See below for some of our amazing programs and get in touch with us to find out more! Khaled Behisy and his team of New Hampshire dog trainers can give your dog all of the following and more:

Khaled Behisy

Khaled Behisy and his team of expert New England dog trainers can give you and your dog all of the following and more:
Off-leash obedience for heeling and obeying anywhere
Puppy training for a head start in obedience
Behavior modification and aggressive dog rehab

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Puppy Training

First Choice Canine offers obedience, housebreaking and crate training for puppies. Training a puppy early is the best way to get great results!  >>Find Out More

On & Off-Leash Obedience

We’ll work with you and your dog in a variety of environments to give you full control on-leash then focus on Off-leash training to give you the best control over your dog in any situation.  >>Find Out More

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Behavior Modification

Enjoy your dog, don’t live with frustration. Barking, chewing, separation anxiety; behavior problems big or small, we can help you manage them all! FCC has many years of experience in Behavior Modification. >>Find Out More

Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

First Choice Canine is devoted to helping owners manage aggression problems so that dogs and their owners can enjoy life for the better, without the fear or hassle of aggression problems.  >>Find Out More

 Baxter’s Transformation

Watch Baxter’s behavior before and after training with First Choice Canine.


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