First Choice Canine’s owner and training manager, Khaled Behisy, has been training dogs for 13 years.

He didn’t learn how to train dogs overnight; he learned by working day and night on obedience training and dealing with aggression. He has the bite marks to prove it!

What you might be surprised to learn is that Khaled’s journey with dogs started not by training pets, but by training working dogs. He’s trained narcotics dogs, SWAT dogs, and personal protection dogs for families, executives, professionals, and celebrities. Today, Khaled is the owner of Protection Dogs Plus, a company that offers German Shepherds for sale for home protection. How do working dogs differ from companion animals? It’s simple: a lot of drive and a lot of training.

Protection Dogs Plus only imports dogs from trusted European breeders. There are two reasons for this:

  • Working dogs can’t afford to suffer from genetic health problems
  • Not every dog has the genetic makeup for working/protection- they have to be born to love doing it

Protection dogs aren’t mean dogs like guard dogs you’ve seen in movies. These dogs simply have a lot of “prey” drive that makes them crazy about going after moving targets. It’s in their DNA. Protection Dog Plus trainers encourage and channel that energy. As the dogs mature and their training advances, what was once a game is transformed into a functional duty. All the while, the dogs are given constant obedience training so that these animals can both defend from attackers and be trusted to play gently with people, children, and other animals.

In addition to sourcing, training and selling protection companions, Protection Dogs Plus also specializes in training Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd puppies for protection. If you have a pet that you think would make a great protection dog, you can contact the trainers and arrange for an evaluation.

See them in action!

You can check out the Protection Dogs Plus website to learn more about dogs for protection. Or, skip over to the videos page to look at some of the work that goes into training protection dogs.

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