If you’re someone who doesn’t plan on taking their dog around town off leash, you may not have given much thought to off-leash training for your dog.

After all, Massachusetts leash laws and other restrictions can make the idea of taking your dog off leash a scary one. But even if you don’t ever plan on walking your dog off leash outside there are major benefits to training your dog off-leash.

Off-leash training gives you control over your dog in any situation. In the house, we don’t normally have our dogs on leash. Yet with off-leash obedience, your dog will be able to follow your commands from the other room. For example, we teach a “place” command that will tell your dog to go to its kennel, bed, or other designated place and lie down until you tell them to break the command. This is great for when guests come over and you don’t want your dog all over them: simply give the “place” command and your pet will lie low for a bit. Your guests will be impressed- especially the allergic ones!

Giving your dog the best off-leash training possible will help to eliminate bad behaviors and prevent new ones from forming. Why worry about behavior modification in the future when you can form good habits today? Many dogs like to do things like bark at the door or jump on guests. With off-leash obedience training you will be able to override their actions by telling them to sit or lie down on command.

Off-leash obedience training comes in handy for more than just day-to-day scenarios. Having off-leash control is critical in an unexpected situation. Our clients have had their dogs’ training save the day in many instances, such as preventing dog fights or being able to call back runaway dogs. Knowing that at any moment you can call your dog right back to your side is great peace of mind.

Our Off-Leash Obedience program is more advanced than On-Leash Obedience and you can expect remarkable results. If you do choose to take your dog off-leash outdoors, feel confident knowing that your dog will come back and heel when called, lie down when you tell them to (even from a distance!) and listen to your every command even in a distracting situation.

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